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We're featured in Justice Trends magazine

We have been featured in the January edition of the prestigious, worldwide Justice Trends magazine. Here is a snippet of the article:


"Code4000 is a UK-based community interest project set up with a clear mission to provide industry-specific coding training within the UK prison estates, leading to employment within the IT sector for our graduates. The reasons for this are simple. Code4000’s mission is to reach into a sector of society which in many ways feels desperate and hopeless with regards to gaining meaningful employment at the end of their prison terms and provide a direct link to the IT industry which continues to display a dynamic of significantly more jobs than people to fill them. Code4000 was..."


If you want to learn more about how Code4000 got started, the work we are doing and the impact that we have made on the lives of our graduates, check out Justice Trends magazine.




Code 4000 is exactly the kind of pioneering partnership that we need to encourage. It brings together prisons, businesses and teachers to address the country's demand for digital skills and local regeneration, and giving prisoners relevant employment and a new future.

Chief Reform Officer, Catch 22

To give ex-offenders the confidence and skills they will need to get a job - and critically keep it - we need to engage prisoners in work experience and training in custody which accurately reflects the employment market in the communities they will return to. For the first time Code 4000 gives those in our custody the opportunity to engage in a training programme to become the ‘coders’ of the future.

Head of Public Sector Prison Industries, HMPPS

Having been deeply impressed after visiting The Last Mile prison rehabilitation program at San Quentin Prison in San Francisco in 2013, I was delighted to be introduced to Michael Taylor, who had aspirations to create a similar programme in the UK. Since that time, Michael has shown vision, creativity and tenacity in launching Code4000 at HMP Humber. I hope that he will continue to receive the support from the prison estate to extend this vital initiative across the country.

CEO, Arc InterCapital

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